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tortilja cips

Podanie na Moderatora - Nickola

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Name: Nikola (I'm from Serbia)
Something about yourself (internship, experience, knowledge of the IPS engine, interests): I used to work at my father's store before,now I just go to school and train swimming. I finished the music school so I know how to play guitar and I like Hip-Hop/Rap genre of music. I like to play CS:GO and SA:MP
How much time can you spend on the forum ?:Usually 2-3 hours on weekdays and more on weekends. (Depends if i'm at home or not :) )
What prompted you to write the application ?: The first time i came to one of the BatCave servers(It was basebuilder), I've seen the people are nice and kind.Also the servers are active with a nice amount of players so I wanted to apply and help the community grow even more by helping people in need and being an active Moderator
Why you ?: So you should choose me because I have a lot of time to spend on the server,I am very mature and I know how to handle problems. You will never get in an argument with me about anything if there is no need to do that.I'm a pretty cool guy and I am looking on where to dedicate my time to,so I chose this community.This is the application from me and it's completely alright if I didn't get accepted. :)

- Nickola A.K.A "Tortilja Cips"

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I suppose you want to be an Admin of the BaseBuilder, right?


If so, you can apply here - https://batcave.pro/index.php?/forum/143-podania-na-admina/.


You've applied for Forum Moderator, not server. So I will close this topic. If I am wrong and you want become Forum Moderator just write PM to me, and I will open it back 😄 


Topic closed


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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